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The Novell Microsoft deal

I have read about that windows Novell deal. Since I use OpenSuse I am a little concerned about that thing. What is all this Linux Novell Microsoft thing about. I understand that Microsoft and Novell siged an agreement, but I'm not positive about the reasons why. What will be the long term goal of Microsoft and Novell concerning open source, what would a scenario look like where Microsoft could achiever ther goals concerning the open source community.

To start this analysis we first have to collect a few thing we know about Microsoft:
  1. We now that Novell is sells server applications and systems that integrate into Windows architecture.
  2. We know that Microsoft is a hostile Company strieving to dominate the market. Microsoft has used its markt power to desroy competitors
  3. Microsoft trys to replace exisiting standards by their own standards or to establish their own proprietary standards on the market.
  4. Microsoft has never been innvoative, they have always been reactive in developping standards and software and they only distribute closed source code. Patents are usually based on innovations and coping copyrighted code usually needs knowledge of the source code its unlikely that open source is using windows copyrighted code.
  5. Microsoft is leader as a provider for desktop systems but is completely out of the loop when it comes to server systems.
  6. Xen Virtualisation is more suitable for server systems
  7. If you want to migrate from one opteration system to the other it might be helpful to be able to operate both systems on the same mashine the same time.
From the above mentioned facts I can not imagine that Microsoft is likely to cooperate with to open source communitiy. They are trying to gain momentum on the server market wich is at the moment dominated the open source community. Though it is understandable from the Novell history that they want to support micorsoft operating systemes and that it might be useful for them for marketing purposes right know. However, it is highly likely that Novell will become unwillingly the Trojan horse that Microsoft will unleash to destroy the Open Sorce community. Without beeing supported by the open source community I am pretty sure that microsoft would have disapeard from the surface of our earth but now things are different.
Microsofe states that it will cooperate with tha open source community on the development of cross platform solutions but in reality they are trying to sneak in proprietary code maintained by Novell Suse and my be OpenSuse which will be indespensible for the function. In parallel they will and promote it and market it untill it they have a market share their system becomes the standard and nobody can use untainted openssource any more.
In conclusion I think it might be the strategy of Microsoft to take over the open source and taint it with closed source and then continue to maintain the code by themselves. As a result Microsoft has taken over the Linux project ....

Have fear ....

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